Mesquite ISD District of Innovation Plan

Districts of Innovation (DOI) designation is a concept passed by the 84th Legislative Session.

The intent of this DOI legislation is to allow traditional school districts to exempt themselves from certain state laws that constrain the implementation of innovative practices designed to positively impact student academic outcomes.

An innovation plan that has been developed by the district, adopted by the local Board of Trustees, and filed with the state allows the district to gain state requirement exemptions that are already afforded to charter schools.

Each district’s DOI plan is unique, allowing for more local control and an increased focus on community values and goals. 

At its August meeting, the Mesquite ISD Board of Trustees authorized the district to pursue designation as a District of Innovation (DOI). The district assembled a committee to create a draft of the DOI Plan. The committee membership included district-level administrators and members of the District SBDM Committee.  The Draft DOI Plan that was created works in concert with Mesquite ISD’s existing planning documents, including MISD’s:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Beliefs
  • Core Values
  • MISD’s Five-Year Strategic Plan
  •  District Improvement Plan

The draft of the Mesquite ISD District of Innovation Plan is now posted online for the next 30 days. MISD invite public comment and input concerning the draft plan.  Input may be submitted at this survey link.

The District Site-Based Decision Making Committee will consider the plan in a public meeting to be held at 4:00 pm, on Thursday, October 12th, at the MISD Central Office, located at 3819 Towne Crossing Blvd., Mesquite. All interested community members are invited to attend.

Pending approval from the District SBDM Committee, the DOI Plan will be considered by the Board of Trustees in the regular Board Meeting to be held on October 16, 2017, 6:00 pm, 2600 Motley Drive, Mesquite.    

For more information on the points of a District of Innovation, view this helpful Power Point.

Mesquite ISD District of Innovation Plan.