Federal Report Cards

The Federal Report Card data is reported in six parts:

  • Part I: Student Achievement by Proficiency Level – Provides the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) performance results for each subject area and grade level tested.
  • Part II: Student Achievement and State Academic Annual Measurable Objects (AMOs) – Provides the STAAR performance results for each subject area tested. Also includes four-year and five-year graduation rates and participation rates on STAAR for reading/English and mathematics.
  • Part III: Priority and Focus Schools – Priority schools are the lowest 5% of Title I served campuses based on performance in reading and mathematics and graduation rates. Focus schools are 10% of Title I served campuses, not already identified as priority schools, that have the widest gaps between student group performance and safeguard targets.
  • Part IV: Teacher Quality Data – Provides information on teacher quality in three parts.
    • Part A – Percent of Teachers by Highest Degree Held – Professional qualifications of all public elementary and secondary teachers in the Texas.
    • Part B and C – Teachers with Emergency/Provisional Credentials, Highly Qualified (HQ) Teachers Low Poverty/Low Poverty Summary Reports – Percentage of all public elementary and secondary school teachers teaching with emergency or provisional credentials, and the percentage of classes in the state not taught by highly qualified teachers disaggregated by high-poverty compared to low-poverty schools.
  • Part V: Graduates Enrolled in Texas Institution of Higher Education (IHE) – Provides the percentage of students who enroll and begin instruction at an institution of higher education in the school year following high school graduation.
  • Part VI: Statewide National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Results – Provides most recent NAEP results for Texas showing reading and mathematics performance results and participation rates, disaggregated by student group.

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2015-2016 District Report TAPR
2015-2016 School Report Cards
2015-2016 District Federal Report Card
Highly Qualified Teacher Report for 2015-16

Elementary School Reports

Achziger Elementary

Hodges Elementary

Range Elementary

Austin Elementary

Kimball Elementary

Rugel Elementary

Beasley Elementary

Lawrence Elementary

Rutherford Elementary

Black Elementary

Mackey Elementary

Seabourn Elementary

Cannaday Elementary

McKenzie Elementary

Shands Elementary

Florence Elementary

McWhorter Elementary

Shaw Elementary

Floyd Elementary

Moss Elementary

Smith Elementary

Galloway Elementary

Motley Elementary

Thompson Elementary

Gentry Elementary

Pirrung Elementary

Tisinger Elementary

Gray Elementary

Porter Elementary

Tosch Elementary

Hanby Elementary

Price Elementary

Henrie Elementary

Middle School Reports

Agnew Middle School

McDonald Middle School

Vanston Middle School

Berry Middle School

New Middle School

Wilkinson Middle School

Kimbrough Middle School

Terry Middle School

High School Reports

Horn High School

North Mesquite High School

West Mesquite High School

Mesquite High School

Poteet High School

Alternative School of Choice

Mesquite Academy