Clubs & Organizations


Each sponsor must be able to justify the education value of all organizational activities

Students may be expected to finance a portion of their expenses on school-approved trips.

Socials should be limited to no more than one per semester. Funding for social activities should be considered a personal expense to the student involved and not require a fund raising activity to finance them.

Fund raising activities shall be limited to no more than one per semester. Only one per year may involve an "outside" business or organization wherein a large percentage of the profit goes out of the school district. Any fund raising that is considered hazardous (lawn mowing, house painting, tree cutting, etc.) will not be allowed. Students may not be dismissed from classes to engage in fund raising activities.

Service activities should be limited to no more than two per semester. Banquet activities should be limited to no more than one per school year, and $15.00 per student is the maximum amount per student to be spent. Activities should not be scheduled on Wednesdays.

Any type of gift to the school must be specified in the budget preparation at the beginning of school.

A detailed record of all money received by each organization must be available for audit at any time. All money collected must be deposited with the bonded school secretary. Money may be withdrawn only through the use of a requisition form signed by the principal.

All club activities must be placed on the school calendar whether they involve an expense, occur on a school night, weekend, public place or someone's private residence.

The budget and activity report is to be completed:
At the beginning of school.
A year-end report is to be completed on income and expenditures.
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