True Feeder Patterns

Mesquite ISD has proposed a plan to create true feeder patterns throughout the district beginning with the start of 2018-19 school year. Under the proposed true feeder plan, all elementary students will advance to middle and high school with their classmates. In other words, schools will not be split along boundary lines; an entire campus will advance to the next level as a whole.

The following video explains the proposed changes.

Current Feeder System Divides Campuses 

Under the current feeder system, some elementary schools are divided when they advance to middle school and likewise from middle school to high school, separating students from their classmates and limiting the ability for students to feel they are part of a single high school culture and community. For examples, based on their addresses, some students from Elementary A will attend Middle School B, and some will attend Middle School C.

True Feeder System Creates Continuity and Community

Under the proposed true feeder plan, every student will have the experience of joining a single high school culture from the day they enter the school system. The plan also realigns all Mesquite ISD middle schools so that they will serve grades 6-8. (Under the current system, some middle schools serve grades 7 and 8 only.) This realignment will not only make fine arts and pre-athletics programs available to all 6th-graders in the district, it will also create additional space at our elementary schools for prekindergarten.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Change to True Feeder Patterns

Will my high school student have to change schools next year?

Students who are currently in grades 9 – 11 will remain at their current high school until they graduate.

Under the true feeder pattern plan, my middle school student will attend a different high school that his/her older sibling. Can he/she transfer to the same high school as the older sibling?

Students who are in the 8th grade who will attend a different high school next year than an older sibling may request a transfer to the sibling’s high school; however, bus transportation will not be provided for the younger student.

Students in 7th grade or below must follow the True Feeder Pattern for their attendance zone unless they are enrolled in a special program that is not offered at the school they are zoned to attend.

My child is currently on a transfer to a different school than he or she is zoned to attend. Will he/she be able to continue attending his/her current school?

School transfers are re-evaluated and granted on a year-to-year basis. You will need to apply for a transfer each year for your child to attend a different school that the one assigned for your attendance zone. Keep in mind that transfers are granted on a very limited basis and only for extenuating circumstances.

My child participates in a special program that is not offered at the school he/she is zoned to attend. Will exceptions be made in this case?

Yes, Students enrolled in special programs will not be required to follow the true feeder pattern for their address if the school they are zoned to attend does not offer that particular program.

My child participates in band (or choir or orchestra) at his/her middle school. He/she will move to different middle school next year. Will he/she still be able to participate in band (or choir or orchestra)?

Absolutely. Any student who is currently involved in a fine arts activity will be able to continue in that activity at his/her new school next year.

Why is 6th-grade being moved to middle school next year? Under the old feeder pattern, my child would spend 6th grade in elementary school.

There are several factors that influenced the decision to move 6th-grade to middle school. First and foremost is the issue of transition. Research shows that transitions can have a profound effect on student success in school. Students who attend only 7th and 8th grade in middle school undergo more frequent transitions than students who spend three years in middle school. Spending three years in middle school allows students to build stronger peer relationships and student-teacher relationships while also building a stronger sense of belonging in the school community.

In addition, moving 6th grade to middle school will ensure that all middle school students have a similar educational experience across the district. Sixth graders will also be able to take advantage of involvement in extracurricular activities at a younger age, giving them more time to hone their skills while creating stronger programs at the high school level.

How did the district decide on the True Feeder Patterns? There is a middle school closer to my home than the one my child is zoned to attend. I don’t understand why that school is not in our feeder pattern.

Mesquite ISD works closely with a professional demographer to determine the capacity for each of our schools and how future growth in every area of the district will impact each school’s capacity. In determining the True Feeder Pattern plan, MISD carefully balanced the number of current students with each campus’ capacity and also planned for future growth to avoid overcrowding at any one school in the future.

I know my 9th-grader can stay at his current school. But is it possible for him to transfer to the new high school for our attendance zone?

 In this case, your child would need to apply for a transfer to the high school that's part of the new feeder pattern. Transfer applications will open in the spring.


Which High School Community Will I Belong To?

Under the true feeder plan, elementary and middle schools will feed to the high schools as shown below. REMEMBER, THE FEEDER PATTERNS ARE DETERMINED BY ELEMENTARY ATTENDANCE ZONES, NOT THE SCHOOL YOUR CHILD CURRENTLY ATTENDS. For example, if you child attends Agnew Middle School now, you might assume from the following list that your child would move on to Mesquite High School; however, if you live in the Gentry attendance zone, your child will move on to Horn High school. Click here to see the complete list of changes by school.

 Berry Middle School
 Achziger Elementary
 Gentry Elementary
 Smith Elementary
 Terry Middle School
 Henrie Elementary
 Mackey Elementary
 Pirrung Elementary
 Thompson Elementary

 Agnew Middle School
 Black Elementary
 Moss Elementary
 Shaw Elementary
 Rutherford Elementary
Wilkinson Middle School
 Hanby Elementary
 Tisinger Elementary


 McDonald Middle School
 McKenzie Elementary
 Range Elementary
 Tosch Elementary
 Vanston Middle School
 Florence Elementary
 Lawrence Elementary
 Shands Elementary
 Motley Elementary

 Kimbrough Middle School
 Austin Elementary
 Beasley Elementary
 Cannaday Elementary
 Kimball Elementary
Porter Elementary
 Price Elementary

 Frasier Middle School*
 Galloway Elementary
 McWhorter Elementary
 Rugel Elementary
 Seabourn Elementary
 A.C. New Middle School
 Floyd Elementary
 Gray Elementary
 Hodges Elementary
*opens August 2018