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Looking for School Breakfast and Lunch Menus?

We are excited to announce our new Menu viewing tool, MealViewer. This helpful tool contains the menu and a complete nutrition and allergy breakdown of each item we serve by school. For those concerned with allergies, the website contains a tool on the left-hand side that allows you to filter by the allergy you wish to avoid. Please take a moment to review this exciting new tool. MealViewer app is also available to download to your phone for iPhone and Android. Just search MealViewer in the App Store or in Google Play.


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Alternate Meals

If a student does not have enough money in his or her account for lunch, he or she will be allowed to charge up to $5.00 to his or her account. When the $5 charge limit has been reached, he or she will be served an alternate meal until his her her meal account has a positive balance.

This alternate lunch meal consists of:

  • cheese sandwich
  • 1 or 2 vegetables (all grade levels)
  • 1 fruit in elementary & 1 or 2 fruits in middle and high school
  • Choice of milk for all grades
  • ISS – (not eating in the cafeteria) cheese sandwich and choice of milk

The alternate breakfast meal consists of toast and milk.