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Senior Graduation 2017 Video

You can view a video of Senior Graduation 2017 here:


Senior Week Themes 2016

Monday: “Disney Day”—Seniors will be allowed to dress like a their favorite Disney character. Character t-shirts and/or accessories only (i.e. Mickey Mouse ears, Princess Tiaras, etc).  No masks or costumes allowed. All other standardized dress rules apply.

Tuesday: “Senior Citizen Day”—Dress up like your grandparents! This would include: long flower-print dresses, pants that are pulled up too high, suspenders, big glasses, grey or silver hair (no wigs). No canes or walkers may be brought to school. No jeans!

Wednesday: “90’s Day”—Do you remember “90201: or “Saved by the Bell”? Some acceptable attire would include: plaid/flannel shirts, overalls, belted dresses, jelly sandals, fanny packs. Jeans are acceptable. No holes or rips in any clothing. You may not wear sweat pants or wind suits. Clothing that reveals back and midriff may not be worn.

Thursday: “Dress to Impress”--Senior are allowed to dress in appropriate Sunday best attire. For girls: no spaghetti strap tops, no back showing, dresses must be at least finger-tip length, no jeans, and no dresses or skirts that are too revealing or tight. For boys: no facial hair or jeans. Students who do not participate in Dress to Impress will be expected to be in standardized dress.

Friday: “College Day”—To celebrate our upcoming graduation, seniors will be allowed to wear a shirt from the college, military, or trade school they plan to attend or a shirt from their favorite college. Students will be allowed to wear jeans with the college shirt. No holes or rips in the jeans and jean shorts should be the appropriate length.

*Seniors may not wear clothing that reveals the back or midriff, spaghetti strap tops, strapless, or clothing that reveals too much skin.

*Jeans must not have holes or tattered areas and must be worn at the waist with a belt.

Senior week is a privilege which may be taken away from any student who does not comply with the guidelines. If a student chooses not to participate in Senior Week, they must be in standardized dress all week. We see these fun events as an opportunity to make the last few weeks of high school as enjoyable as possible for the senior class.
Contact Mr. Asbill for any questions!