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Students and Parents

MISD StudentsKeep up with current class grades and with scholarship opportunities after high school here. Online resources for studying, testing and meal paying are also available for your convenience.

All school policies—including explanations of MISD's dress code and standard dress—are accessible for your reference.





AP Exam Registration Deadline For Home-School Students March 3 Published: 02/04/2013

AP StudentsHome schooled students are eligible to participate in Advanced Placement exams administered in early May. Please call Debbie Shewmake or Sandra Coulson at 972-882-5460 for registration information. Registration deadline is March 3, 2014.

Aim For Success Presentation Schedule Published: 11/25/2013

Attention Parents of 7th – 12th Grade Students!

Aim for SuccessToday’s young people are growing up in a society where dating is out and hooking up is in. Pop culture is telling your child that sex is no big deal and everyone does it. This is indeed a difficult time to be a teenager – not to mention parenting a teenager. However, your child is going to have a unique opportunity to hear a far different message when Aim For Success, Inc. presents its nationally acclaimed program which shares the advantages of saving sex for marriage.

Aim For Success addresses the problems of teen pregnancies, the escalating STD epidemic and the traumatic, emotional pain often associated with teen sexual activity. The program clearly demonstrates to the students that saving sex for marriage provides FREEDOM from these problems while giving them the FREEDOM to fulfill their dreams and goals!

Aim For Success, Inc. has educated over two million teens, parents and educators across America since 1993 with their motivational presentations. Aim For Success has secured a grant that allows all Mesquite ISD 7-12 grade students to have the opportunity to attend this presentation.

Please see the Aim For Success presentation schedule below.  This schedule will be updated with additional parent presentation information soon.

Click here for presentation schedule.

West Nile Virus Precautions in Place, Prevention Tips Published: 08/28/2013

Dallas County has issued an advisory regarding the West Nile Virus, so here are some precautions in place at Mesquite ISD and prevention tips for your family's safety.

West Nile Virus is a disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitos become infected when they bite infected birds then pass the virus to humans and animals. Most people infected with the virus have no symptoms. The disease can vary in severity with symptoms ranging from mild fever, headache and muscle aches to severe with neurologic complications such as encephalitis. People over 50 have the highest risk of severe disease.


Free Online Resources in Math, Reading
Available This Summer for Grades 3-8
Published: 06/05/2013

Texas Summer SucessThrough state-funded Texas SUCCESS, students in grades 3–8 will have access to Istation’s online reading instruction and Think Through Math’s online math instruction during the summer months. Students will continue to work online in their homes or at participating public libraries and community organizations, where they will receive differentiated instruction targeted at their needs to increase growth in reading and/or math.

The online instruction is adaptive, so as students work, how they perform in the independent practices and curriculum content assessments will determine their learning paths. Students will automatically be advanced or retaught.

So log on now for Summer Success:  www.texassuccess.org

Important Enrollment Requirements
for New Mesquite ISD Students
Published: 06/03/2013

All new Mesquite ISD students must have complete shot records.
To accommodate these children, Mesquite Public Health Clinic is hosting a vaccination clinic in August.

Advanced Placement Testing Information Published: 04/10/2013
AP StudentsInformation on Advanced Placement testing for high school students and home schooled students can be obtained from the Counseling Center at each high school.

Rail Crossing Safety Tips Important for Students Published: 04/03/2013

Rail Crossing Safety Tips

About every three hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. Operation Lifesaver is an organization dedicated to ending collisions, deaths and injuries at rail crossings. Find information and videos to help children understand what to do and not do near rail lines at http://oli.org/.

Attention Parents of Fifth- or Eight-Graders:
Know Importance of STAAR Testing
Published: 04/01/2013

STAARThe Student Success Initiative is a current state requirement. Students in grades five and eight must pass both the reading and math portions of the state assessment to be promoted to the next grade level. STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness) tests will start next week. 

Students who are not successful on the first administration of the STAAR tests will have additional testing opportunities.

  • If a student does not pass the required STAAR reading and/or math tests on the first testing opportunity, additional accelerated instruction will be provided.
  • A second testing opportunity will be in May.  Students who are not successful on the second administration of the reading and/or math STAAR will be required to attend summer school, June 11-26.
  • The third and final testing opportunity will be at the end of required summer school, June 25-26. If the student does not pass the reading and/or math STAAR at this final testing opportunity, the student will automatically be retained.

Please discuss the importance of these tests with your child.  It is critical to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher(s). If more detailed information about state requirements is needed, please contact your child’s teacher.

Mesquite ISD’s new mobile application for popular smartphones and devices is now available for downloading at iTunes, App Store and Google play. The app—now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android.

The app is free to students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni and anyone else interested in staying connected to our district, said Administrative Officer for Communications Laura Jobe. “We want our Mesquite ISD community to have the information they need on the go and at their fingertips.”


Section 504 Child Find Notice

Pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the district has a duty to identify, refer, evaluate and if eligible, provide a free, appropriate public education to disabled students. For additional information about the rights of parents of eligible children, or for answers to any questions you might have about identification, evaluation and placement into Section 504 programs, please contact the District's Section 504 Coordinator, Debbie Shewmake at (972) 288-6411 or by mail at 405 E. Davis Street, Mesquite, TX 75149.

Bajo la Sección 504 del Decreto de Rehabilitación de 1973, el Distrito Escolar esta obligado a identificar, referir, evaluar, y proporcionar servicios educativos apropriados y gratuitos a estudiantes incapacitados que califican para recibir servicios bajo esta ley. Si usted desea mas información sobre los derechos de padres de niños incapacitados, o si tiene preguntas sobre la identificación, evaluación, y colocación de niños en el programa de Sección 504, favor de ponerse in contacto con el Coordinador de 504 del Distrito, Debbie Shewmake al numero (972) 288-6411, o por correo a la siguiente dirección: 405 E. Davis Street, Mesquite, TX 75149.

Identifying and Reporting Bullying

Mesquite ISD strives to have an educational environment that is supportive of all children where treating each other with respect and kindness is valued.  For this to happen, we all have to work together:  students, parents, and school staff members.  Misconduct that fits the definition of bullying, harassment, or hazing or any student found to engage in, encourage, aid or assist in bullying, harassment, or hazing or had knowledge of and failed to report a bulling, harassment, or hazing incident will be subject to discipline as defined in our Mesquite ISD Student Code of Conduct.

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Teen Dating Violence Information

Watch the video Teen Dating Violence: What Parents Need to Know by clicking on the following link. The video is in Windows Media Player format and may also be downloaded to your computer by right-clicking and choosing the Save As... option from the menu.