ETIP - Excellence in Teaching Incentive Program


We support career growth and aspiration in our educators, but we also believe that talented educators who feel their talents are best served in the classroom, should be able to stay in the classroom while reaching their professional goals.


  • Build teacher capacity 
  • Recruit and retain teachers in MISD
  • Provide professional advancement opportunities for teachers who remain in the classroom
  • Build teachers’ financial future

Definition for Inclusion in ETIP

Teachers eligible to participate are the teacher of record as defined by:
  • assign report card grades for the current school year in one or more subject areas,
  • teach 50% or more of each day, and
  • design and implement instruction 

Teachers may begin coursework after completing their 2nd year of teaching in MISD


  • Differentiation - Fall
  • Formative Assessment – Fall/Spring
  • Practicum -Spring
  • Teaching Students of Poverty - Fall
  • Preparing Students for a Global Society - Fall/Spring
  • Practicum - Spring

ETIP Teachers by Campus

Three Levels of ETIP

Adding Value at Each Level

Timeline for ETIP

If you have any questions, please check out our ETIP FAQs below or contact the Professional Learning Department at 972-882-7737.

ETIP Program FAQs