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Mesquite ISD is among six school districts within Texas to earn selection into The Holdworth Center’s five-year partnership to build strong leadership. This partnership will be focused upon helping public school districts grow their pipeline of inspiring leaders so that teachers thrive and students excel on every campus.

The six districts are Mesquite ISD (Dallas-Fort Worth), Aldine ISD and Spring ISD (Houston area), Harlingen CISD (Rio Grande Valley), Judson ISD (San Antonio) and Lockhart ISD (Central Texas). Holdsworth staff selected the six districts based upon willingness and ability to change, as well as level of commitment to growing and developing a pipeline of leaders. To ensure a diverse cohort, staff also considered each district’s student population and geographic location.

“We are extremely honored and excited for the opportunities ahead to develop our educational leaders,” said Superintendent Dr. David Vroonland. “In the end, this training will help us forward the education of our MISD students. And along with our other district cohorts, we will forward the education of children across the great state of Texas."

The Holdsworth Center

Founded by Charles Butt in January 2017, The Holdsworth Center partners with Texas public school districts to cultivate a pipeline of dynamic and inspired leaders so that teachers thrive and students excel in every classroom. The Center makes a deep investment in participating districts, working with each for a five-year period and including both district and campus leaders throughout partnership. For more information, visit www.holdsworthcenter.org


On a very limited basis, Mesquite Independent School District allows students to transfer from one school to another. Victims of certain offenses defined by state law are given top priority and require legal documentation. A parent may request a transfer for his or her child to a school outside the attendance zone of the resident as long as the parent is a resident of the District. The Student Transfer Application for District Parents must be submitted to Administrative Services between the dates of March 15 and May 15, 2019.

Administrative Services Department will select the campus to which the student may be transferred and shall consider compelling hardship to the student or family, availability of space and instructional staff at both the school and within the feeder pattern, and the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records. Notice to parents regarding denial or approval will be given by July 15 for the following year.

Transfer request must be submitted and approved annually. The district will not provide transportation for transfer students.

Please complete and submit the transfer request form by clicking the following button:

Transfer Request Link

Brighter Bites has partnered with Seabourn Elementary to encourage students and their families to eat more produce. For eight weeks in the fall and eight more in the spring, Brighter Bites provides 5,000 pounds of fresh produce to Seabourn every week. Volunteer parents organize individual bags, and each family that has signed up to be part of the program takes home 25 pounds of fresh produce every week. Teachers also get a bag of produce delivered to their classrooms to use in a weekly educational activity to teach students about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.


Meg Curts - BJ Smith

In the library at BJ Smith, students benefit from Meg's expertise and passion for books. She has served as librarian for seven years and has been an educator with MISD for 19 years. A graduate of NMHS, Meg comes from a long line of teachers. "I think some of the most valuable skills to have in today's world are problem-solving and critical thinking," she says. Meg incorporates coding elements into library lessons because it requires students to think creatively. She says, "To me, 'Excellence Always' means giving your best work all the time. Every day matters, and every student matters." Principal Charlene Goss says Meg is a leader on campus by thinking outside the box and always collaborating with teachers for the benefit of students. "Meg is intentional, organized and determined," she says. Meg plans to keep learning about new innovations that can make her lessons purposeful and engaging. 

Rachelle Donovan - Hodges

Over the last 13 years, Rachelle has strived to build connections with students in her classroom. She does the same with her third-graders at Hodges, whom she encourages by telling her own story. "I let them know that it was not always easy for me to get where I am today," Rachelle says, mentioning that a learning disability never held her back, thanks to her supportive elementary teachers. She says, "It's good for them to know that with hard work and support, anything can happen!" Principal Kim Broadway says Rachelle sees the potential in each child. By always seeking to better herself through professional development, Rachelle pursues differentiation and other instructional tools to help kids. Mrs. Broadway says, "Mrs. Donovan displays a heart for children and the sincere belief that they can all succeed." In the future, Rachelle hopes to become an even better teacher.