Choice Career High School

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Opening Fall 2021!

We are so excited about plans for our new Choice Career High School for Mesquite ISD students. This high school will focus on four major schools including School of Health Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Construction Science and School of Technology. It will serve 2,000 students—at half the construction costs of a traditional high school.

Although the campus will not offer sports or fine arts, as a traditional high school would, extracurricular activities that are aligned and related to a student's focus of study will be offered. The high school is slated to open August 2021 and will be accessible to high school students across the district, regardless of attendance zone, through an application process.

FAQs About Mesquite iSD's New Choice Career High School

Career Pathways at the Choice Career High School

There are four “schools” within the CCHS, and each offers specific career pathways.

School of Health Science

  • Firefighter

  • Medical Certifications

School of Engineering

  • Automotive Collision Repair

  • Automotive Technology

  • Engineering

  • Robotics

  • Logistics

School of Construction Science

  • Architecture

  • Construction Technology

School of Technology

  • Computer Science

  • Graphic Design