Film Festival

On April 23, 2020, the winners of the Film Festival Viewer's Choice were announced and the winners are as follows:

Watch the results being revealed below! 

Viewers Choice Award

Low Battery produced by D. Arreola, L. Hood, R. Hurtado and S. Rosas from Horn High School

1st Place Winner

Procrastination the Thief of Time produced by Kieran Freeman, Jared Morse, Alex Lopez, Sebastian Armstrong and Gage Doughty from the TEC Advanced Audio Video Production

2nd Place

Susan G. Komen Call to Action produced by Kieran Freeman, Alexsis Lopez, Derek Madriz from the TEC Advanced Audio Video Production

3rd Place

What They Don't Know produced by A. Bradley, E. Hilton, K. Payon, and Y. Saucedo from Horn High School.


The Mesquite ISD Film Festival Viewer's Choice finalists are featured. 

Here is the playlist of the finalists: