CTE in Mesquite ISD is proud of its numerous industry and community partners whose contributions to the education of our future leaders is invaluable. As we strive to provide the best learning environment for our students, we are proactively seeking new partnerships. How can you help?

Ways to invest in the workforce of tomorrow:

  • Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Sharing Industry Expertise & Trends
  • Providing Mentorship Opportunities
  • Providing Support and Training

Benefits for students:

  • Experience, exposure, expanded horizons
  • Students learn from practicing professionals
  • Student self-confidence improves
  • "Real Life" application of skills and improved decision making regarding career choices

Benefits for business:

  • Affect quality of graduates entering the workforce
  • Create a hiring pipeline of future employees
  • Enhance company’s image when seen as an involved educational partner
  • Promotes collaboration between employers and educators to support workforce development  

Interested in becoming a partner with Mesquite ISD's Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs. Please email or call Sheldon Stoker at or 972-882-0014.