Destination Imagination

What is Destination Imagination (DI)?

When your student signs up to be on a Destination Imagination (DI) team, he or she is entering a new world of creativity, silliness, fun and hard work.

Teams begin meeting in October to solve one of seven multi-faceted problems. Each DI "problem" requires a complex and—above all—creative solution that will be performed before appraisers at a culminating tournament in March.

Teams also practice improvising solutions under pressure because at tournament they will be presented with an undisclosed second problem to be solved on the spot.

Most importantly, solutions to both problems must be completely student driven; outside assistance is strictly forbidden. DI's policy of "no interference" encourages students to become self-reliant and self-confident. You will be amazed at what your student can accomplish!


Is DI right for my child?

If you can answer "yes" to the following questions about your child, he or she may be a good candidate for Destination Imagination.

1: Is she bored in class?

DI learning goes beyond the typical classroom experience to challenge your bored student with a problem that requires creativity, teamwork and commitment to solve!

2: Does he like to take apart and build things?

In DI, learning is a hands-on experience. Your student will work with real tools to create, build, and design objects never seen before!

3: Is she a dreamer?

An active imagination is at the core of success in DI. Dreamers bring the magic ingredient of a healthy imagination to their team.

4: Is he the class clown?

Theatrics play an important role in nearly every DI solution, so students who are natural comedians or love to be the center of attention bring a vital skill to their teams.

5: Is he unsure of what he is good at or interested in?

Because DI exposes students to so many new interests and skills, many students discover hidden talents and passions that they never knew they had!

6: Is she shy?

In DI teams, each student plays a unique and valuable role. Watch your shy student gain confidence and blossom throughout the year as she excels in her role.

Students in DI flourish in life!

DI students typically graduate in the top 10 percent of their class and are overwhelmingly accepted into the colleges of their choice. Also, because participation in DI helps students identify their interests early on, many DI students enter college with solidified life goals and a career path declared.


National Destination Imagination
East Region Destination Imagination


Every team of seven students needs at least one adult Team Manager, or coach. No experience is needed to be a team coach. The most successful coaches are simply involved and invested parents! As a coach, you would be responsible for:

  • Supporting your team with encouragement
  • Organizing a time and place for your team to meet together regularly (Your home campus
  • will gladly provide space for team meetings!)
  • Checking and rechecking that your team has covered all the needs of their problem
  • Cheerleading your team on tournament day