Today’s high school students are the voters, business owners, and wage earners of tomorrow. The success of our community, state, and nation depends on the students who are now being educated in our schools. Post-secondary education has never been more important so that students will be equipped with the necessary skills to carry them far beyond their school days into a productive and successful future. FutureQuest, a district initiative, addresses this issue to positively impact MISD students and the entire community.

FutureQuest is all about giving students more options for the future. The goal is for all students to plan for and work toward some form of post-secondary education, such as university, junior college, community college, military, trade school or apprenticeship. Students will know that school does not end with a high school diploma; they will understand that with more learning will come more options.

The goal of FutureQuest is to create a culture in our district so that college is an expectation for all of our students. We weave this expectation for college into our everyday conversations with our students to cement the goal of college into the hearts and minds of our MISD students.

There are five major FutureQuest messages:

  1. Education includes 4 steps: Elementary, Middle School, High School and BEYOND.

  2. Set goals, work hard, make good choices and form good habits.

  3. Get involved in clubs and activities.

  4. Constantly challenge yourself.

  5. Investigate your interests and career options.

  6. Your future is all up to You!

FutureQuest messages are woven into our culture through special lessons and events, posters, KEOM public service announcements, and videos. 

Our job is to plant the dream. We have to make sure that our children know the possibilities for them and what it takes to grab those possibilities. The five FutureQuest messages are designed to make sure that students know what college is and what it takes to get there.

A few lessons and videos won’t change anyone. But a focus year after year will. We aren’t teaching students to just get through kindergarten or seventh grade or algebra. We are preparing students for their high school graduation and for learning beyond high school. That’s the goal we keep in mind and put in the minds of our students.

Is college for everyone? Of course not, but if we give our students information and enthusiasm for college, then they can choose their path and it will be their choice—not ours. Most importantly, it will truly be a choice. What if a kindergarten student is reminded about college every year, in real and meaningful ways, until he graduates from high school? What if the seed that has been planted takes root and actually shapes his future and his destiny? That is the mission of FutureQuest —to provide a catalyst for change that actually shapes and molds the belief system of our students into one where they believe that they can be the first in their family to go to college. Is college for everyone? No. But if we do our job, it will be for that kindergartner who would have never dared to dream if his school had not planted the seed. These students are our future. Plant a seed for their FutureQuest.

Elementary FutureQuest Lessons 2015-16

  • Introductory Lesson: Week of Sept. 14 (College Week)
  • Lesson 1: Week of Oct. 26
  • Lesson 2: Week of Nov. 16
  • Lesson 3: Week of Jan. 1
  • Lesson 4: Week of Feb. 8
  • Lesson 5: Week of March 8
  • Lesson 6: Week of May 17