Mesquite Reads Summer Reading
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New Levels to explore will open up throughout the summer. Keep checking back!

Once inside the game, click on the timer to record your reading minutes.

Click on the blue game controller to choose your campus Leaderboard.

Video instructions can be found at the Mesquite Public Library site in the game.

To view the District Leaderboard and the Feeder Leaderboard, Click HERE.

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Level 1 Opens May 27, 2019
Level 2 Opens June 15, 2019
Level 3 Opens July 1, 2019
Level 4 Opens July 15, 2019

Last day to record reading minutes is August 30, 2019

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Not sure how many minutes it took to read your book? Check out this conversion chart as a great starting place!

Pages to Minutes Conversion Chart

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Video: How to Play the Game (Overview) 

How to Play the Game

1. Register your GamerTag and choose an Avatar for the Leaderboard

2. Every time you read, record how many minutes you spent reading by clicking on the black stopwatch icon. Earn 1 point for every minute you read. Level up in rank as you record your reading minutes!

Not sure how many minutes you read but know how many pages? Check out this conversion chart to help!

3. Start at the Mesquite Public Library location on the map. Instructions for how to play the game plus a starter Boss Challenge for you to complete can be found here.

4. When Level 1 opens on May 27th, click on a location tag on the map to explore different sites on the map. Inside each site is a 360 scene for you to explore. Get book suggestions, watch videos, play online games, and complete 3 different challenges. For every challenge you complete you will earn points and a badge on the Leaderboard.

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