Mesquite ISD librarians deliver excellence in education for the entire school community, advancing the ability to make informed decisions and think critically. Our mission is to elevate the learning experience for everyone everywhere. The three key elements that comprise our overall educational mission and curriculum are Personalized and Self-Directed Learning, Inquiry Instruction, and Transformative & Enriching Experiences.


Collection Guidelines & Important Information

Collection Development & Maintenance

In September 1995, the Mesquite ISD Board of Trustees adopted Policy 633a on the Selection of Instructional Materials. The policy was reviewed and re-adopted in May 2002, then converted to TASB policy EFA (Local) in 2012. This policy defines the roles of the professional staff in selecting resources to implement the district's educational program and establishes criteria for the selection of these resources. Additionally, the policy specifies guidelines that are to be followed should the selected resources be challenged. These guidelines ensure appropriate recourse for all parties concerned.

Collection & Circulation Policies

Collection & Circulation Procedures