District Scheduling

  • Teachers will choose their date and time on a first come first serve basis. 

  • There will only be two shows per day. 

  • Teachers will determine the length of the show based on the concepts they choose to have presented. 

  • In the past, elementary school shows have been 90 minutes long including drive time. This time can be increased or decreased. 

  • Ms. Rico, the Planetarium Secretary, schedules and makes all of the changes with Transportation.  If you have any changes, please let her know immediately so she can make adjustments (i.e. number/type of buses) directly with Transportation.   Please do not call Transportation directly. 

Information needed to schedule a show/visit: 

  • Date(s) of show

  • How many students (for best viewing 60 per show, but the dome seats 72 (rule of thumb: 2 classes per show)

  • Any students with special needs (for transportation)

  • Show start times

  • Length of show (include drive time)

  • Concepts to be covered (can be given to Leslie Barnhill up to one week prior to visit)


All scheduling guidelines may be changed due to social distancing guidelines.