Temporary Virtual Option (TVO)

Registration for TVO is Closed.

Watch the video for registration instructions.
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Mesquite ISD will offer a temporary virtual option (TVO) to students enrolled in kindergarten through 6th grade, ages 5 to 11, as of Aug. 30, 2021.

Due to staffing limitations, this option will be parent led; students will not have a teacher assigned to them. Students must have an adult at home who will serve as a home learning coach.

The district chose to make this option available due to overwhelming requests from our families; however, parents should give careful consideration to their child’s educational needs.

For most students, this option is not recommended.


Things to Know About TVO

  • Registration for TVO will open Aug. 24 and close Aug. 26. Students must be registered for TVO no later than Aug. 26. This deadline is firm.
  • Instruction via independent lessons will begin Monday, Aug. 30, and continue through the first grading period, which ends Oct. 8. The initial less on Aug. 30 will be an orientation session for parents and students.
  • Students may not move back and forth from virtual to face-to-face instruction.
  • Students may return to face-to-face instruction at any time, but they may not return to TVO once they leave that setting.
  • No grades will be recorded.
  • Special services (such as special education, dyslexia, etc.) will not be provided.
  • At the end of the first grading period, MISD will evaluate the possibility of extending the TVO, if necessary.
  • Parents who serve as the home learning coach are responsible to guide and support their student’s day-to-day activities, schedules and homework.
  • Students must have reliable internet service for online daily access. Hotspots can be checked out by contacting the home campus. 
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