VLA Each Day

What to Expect in the VLA Experience

  • All VLA students will have their teacher monitoring daily progress at designated times and providing support.
  • VLA students should check in with their teacher every day that teacher’s class is scheduled.


  • All teachers will offer a minimum of two times per week for virtual office hours.
  • Teachers will communicate these times to parents.
  • Office hours will take place before or after school. During office hours, parents and students can virtually meet with teachers to ask questions or receive additional help or tutoring.

The following are the minimum expectations for teachers and students each day by grade level:


  • 2 scheduled live check-ins for English Language Arts (or 1 check-in if the teacher is offering extended instruction for VLA students and in-person students at the same time)
  • 1 scheduled live check-in for Math
  • The teacher will assign Science and Social Studies work for students to complete on their own. (no scheduled live check-in for these subjects) Science and Social Studies are covered on alternate weeks.

Grades 3-5

  • 1 scheduled live check-in per period or subject area

Grades 6-12

  • 1 scheduled live check-in per period or subject area.
  • Teachers will check-in with VLA students as a group for a few minutes during each class period to check progress and provide support.
  • Content will be delivered through Edgenuity for most courses, except in instances where additional content is needed to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. For courses not available in Edgenuity, teachers will deliver content through Google Classroom.