Why I Work At Mesquite ISD

Madelaine Donat, Mesquite High School AP Spanish and Foreign Language Department Head

This fall, Mesquite ISD’s recruiting team has met some outstanding education students and prospective employees during its visits to colleges and universities in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Be on the look out for its spring schedule, which includes those three states plus Oklahoma.

See why Mesquite High School’s Foreign Language Department head Madelaine Donat chooses to teach in MISD.

Kaylea Long, 1st grade teacher

Nearly 70 of our 400+ new teachers this 2019-20 school year are MISD graduates, but there is just one Kaylea Long. A Mesquite High School graduate, Kaylea interned as a college student at Motley Elementary. In her first year as a professional, she’s now a first-grade teacher at Rutherford. Learn why Kaylea chooses to work in Mesquite ISD.

Leo Bordones, Bilingual Reading and Science, 5th grade

MISD teacher Leo Bordones teaches bilingual fifth-grade reading, and he’s known as an outstanding science instructor too. See why he chooses to work in Mesquite ISD:

And speaking of science, please note MISD offers a signing bonus for our secondary math and science teachers: $3,000 with a two-year employment commitment.