Why I Work At Mesquite ISD

Kaylea Long, 1st grade teacher

Nearly 70 of our 400+ new teachers this 2019-20 school year are MISD graduates, but there is just one Kaylea Long. A Mesquite High School graduate, Kaylea interned as a college student at Motley Elementary. In her first year as a professional, she’s now a first-grade teacher at Rutherford. Learn why Kaylea chooses to work in Mesquite ISD.

Leo Bordones, Bilingual Reading and Science, 5th grade

MISD teacher Leo Bordones teaches bilingual fifth-grade and reading, and he’s known as an outstanding science instructor too. See why he chooses to work in Mesquite ISD:

And speaking of science, please note MISD offers a signing bonus for our secondary math and science teachers: $3,000 with a two-year employment commitment.