Medication at School

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Student medication is administered at home by parents or guardians whenever possible.  Medication prescribed for children and adolescents enrolled in school may be administered at school when it is not feasible for the medication to be managed at home by the child's parent or guardian.  

In Mesquite ISD, medication orders must be submitted with a parent request for medication administration at school. 

  • Medication orders are written by health-care professionals (MD, DO, DDS, APN, PA, etc.) who are licensed by the State of Texas and who have the authority to write prescriptions. 
  • They may be presented in various forms such as a prescription label, a Diabetes Management Plan signed by a physician, an Asthma Action Plan signed by a health-care professional with prescriptive authority, or a written medication order

Student medication and supplies necessary for administration at school are provided by a student's parent or guardian with the exception of emergency stock epinephrine auto-injectors.  It is highly recommended that any student that has a known allergy with anaphylaxis have their own prescribed epinephrine auto-injector at school. 


Parent Request for Medication Administration at School

A Parent Request for Medication Administration at School form submitted annually must be on file for each medication considered for administration at school, including insulin.  The form includes a signature line for the student's physician to sign for sample or over-the-counter medication and will suffice as an order when: 

  • Submitted with the physician signature,
  • The physician's printed name or stamp, and
  • The date signed by a physician.  


Herbal Substances and Dietary Supplements

Herbal substances or dietary supplements, including essential oils, may be administered by at school: 

  • By Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) trained to administer medication by the school nurse
  • Only when administration is required by a student's individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 plan. 
  • When submitted with written parent request for administration of the substance and corresponding physician orders.