MISD Student Accident Insurance


Public school districts have immunity from payment of medical expenses for bodily injury to students and the public, except for limited liability as the result of negligent operation and during the operation of a motorized vehicle (Texas Tort Claims Act § 101.021 and § 101.051). Under Texas law, students and their parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of their medical care, if injured on school property or while participating in school-sponsored events. 

Mesquite ISD provides an insurance plan through Student Insurance Plans covering student athletes 

(Grades 9 – 12) during UIL sanctioned activities. This plan has limited benefits and is designed as secondary coverage. Therefore, parents/guardians are encouraged to provide primary insurance for their student athlete. The parent or guardian of the student athlete is responsible for paying the balance of all medical bills not paid by the plan. Middle school athletics are covered only under a catastrophic insurance policy. 

The District provides an opportunity for parents to purchase voluntary student accident insurance through Student Insurance Plans for as little as $35.00 for the school year. Optional football coverage (Grades 9-12) is available for an additional cost of $275.00. Participation in the insurance program is strictly voluntary. Enrollment forms are available through the campus athletic trainer, contacting Student Insurance Plans at (469) 579-4139 or access the form on the Student Insurance Plan’s website:

Student Insurance Plan

The insurance coverage has no deductible, even if you have other insurance, and it does not require the parent’s insurance to co-pay. It will cover the child even when the parents have not met their deductible for other insurance. 

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to return the completed enrollment form and premium payment directly to the insurance company. Mesquite ISD will not collect forms or payments for this coverage. 

Should you have any questions, please call me at 972-882-7333. 


James E. Huckaby, ARM-P 

Executive Director - Operations/Risk Management