Anonymous Fraud Reporting

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The hotline and online form reporting is NOT a 911 system to report immediate threats to life or property nor is it to report issues such as bullying, or other campus or department issues where a reporting process already exists.

 This reporting system is meant to gather information from district employees on the following situations involving district operations:

  • Accounting, auditing and internal financial controls issues – where policies and procedures are not being followed
  • Embezzlement – theft of funds belonging to the employer (MISD in this case)
  • Falsification of contracts – changing documents in order to take advantage and deceive
  • Fraud – deliberate deception to obtain personal gain or deprive a victim of a legal right
  • Theft of property – where district property is involved

Your identity will be kept anonymous. If you wish to identify yourself, you are protected from retaliation — by law. Fill out a simply form online or call the hotline — all anonymously

Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of the Fraud Reporting Hotline and Web Submission Form?

Mesquite Independent School District views ethical use of District resources as a key to the stewardship of the funds provided by our community and government. 

Organizations find where employees have a method to anonymously report observations of unethical behavior in managing District resources it serves to more quickly reduce losses of District assets. Reporting directly to a supervisor does not change if the employee wants to follow that path. 

The anonymous reporting process is hosted by a third party hotline provider, Lighthouse Services and ensures the confidentiality of the reporting employee.

What is the process once the information is reported?

The district’s Internal Auditor begins the investigation based on the information submitted by the reporting employee through the third party. 

The employee reporting the information is provided with a PIN to access their case and can provide additional information such as uploaded documents or respond to additional questions. District leaders take action as warranted by the investigation and decisions are final based on MISD policies.

What is the difference in calling into Lighthouse Services versus submitting the web form?

While either option can be chosen and the core information gathered is the same, the call option (833-460-0009) allows an active dialog with the third party that may bring out key information that will help resolve the issue. 

The key when reporting is the hotline and web form are only to be used for the topics mentioned above and information should be detailed enough to allow the impacted departments to investigate the reported claims. The information is confidential and federal law protects employees from retaliation from District officials when reporting.

 Online Submission Form

Or call 833-460-0009 to speak with a representative.

Mesquite ISD has established a fraud hotline through Light House Services for the purposes of anonymous reports of suspected fraud and unlawful behavior within the district. While an employee has every opportunity to report to their direct supervisor any issue they observe under existing district procedures, an additional manner to report in confidence certain types of issues (see above) provides employees with an opportunity to escalate an issue when they might not otherwise. The Light House Services process does not capture phone numbers or internet addresses when information is submitted. More information on this Hotline process is available under Regulation CAA. 

 The district takes these issues very seriously and will research them and act with all diligence. Whistle blower protections against retaliation by the district apply to this hotline reporting. However, the use of this hotline to falsely report information to cause harm to others reputations will likewise be taken seriously to the extent of district and legal remedies