Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service provides Mesquite ISD employees with access to the following:

  • Payroll information (check history and much more)
  • Tax information (W2, W4)

Through Employee Self Service, Mesquite ISD employees can also:

  • Change personal address information
  • Change personal phone number
  • Add or change emergency contacts


How to Log In
to Employee Self Service

  • User Name: Employee Number (Look on paycheck stub if you need to find your employee number)

NOTE: If you use AESOP, your Employee Number is without the zeros added.

  • Password: The first time you log in it will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  You will be forced to change it upon logging in.

Please change it to something you will remember.

Jason Smith, Employee #159, with SSN 999-88-1234 will have:

User Name: 159 (Note that you leave out leading zeros.)
Password:  1234

Employees that lock themselves out of Employee Self Service need to contact Payroll at 972-882-7322 for assistance.

Click here to download viewable/printable detailed instructions.

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Self Service Screen Shot