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Sets goals, seeks evidence of impact, and holds self and others accountable to achievement.

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How can I use this Resource Hub to develop my leadership skills?

Use this to reflect on your leadership.

Every Mesquite employee can exhibit leadership. We have developed a set of universal leadership competencies to capture this. Use the role specific behaviors to think about how to develop leadership in your own role, or, if you’re interested, for transitioning roles.

Explore opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Mesquite employees have expressed a desire for greater transparency and accessibility around leadership development opportunities. Check out the resource hub to access a centralized repository of district-validated programs. Filter by your level and universal competencies to find learning and job embedded opportunities. Use the Google Form to provide feedback on the resources and share recommendations.

Connect with your manager and colleagues.

As you reflect upon and work to grow your own leadership skills, feel free to use this as a reference point to connect with your coach or department leadership about developing your leadership within Mesquite.

This could include:

► Discussing a competency area in-depth
► Discussing or exploring roles that interest you
► Discussing or exploring opportunities you are qualified for and excited to pursue.

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