Personal Computer Buy Program

The Personal Computer Buy for Mesquite ISD employees is open for orders Sept. 27, 2021 through 4 p.m. Oct. 8, 2021.

  • Employees who purchase through this program will pay for these computers through a two-year process from payroll deduction.
  • The program is starting earlier this year with a longer window to order due to an anticipated increase in demand. The computers should be ready for distribution before Christmas, but delays may occur.

To see the items available for purchase this year, download the printable order forms by clicking the following buttons:

Apple Products Available for Purchase   Dell Products Available for Purchase

Questions and Answers

In order to assist you with your computer order, we have developed a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Q. When is the Personal Buy Program offered?
A. It is offered once per year during the fall.

Q. Who is eligible to order a computer on the Personal Buy Program?
A. Any full-time Mesquite ISD employee who has been employed with the district at least one year at the time the order is due is eligible to order a computer. For example, your hire date must be prior to October 18, 2020.

Q. Will iPads or Chromebooks be offered?
A. No. These will not be offered as it is not cost-effective to payroll deduct the cost of an iPad or Chromebook for two years.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of computers that can be ordered?
A. Employees may order one computer.

Q. When will the price list and order forms be available?
A. Information regarding the personal buy will be available Sept. 27, 2021, on the MISD website.

Q. How do I order a computer?
A. To order a computer, you must complete an order form and submit it to Teri Maxwell in Instructional Technology at the TEC before 4:30 p.m. Friday, Oct 8. A copy of the order form and list of computers can be printed from the MISD website.

Q. What is the deadline for ordering a computer?
A. 4 p.m. Friday, Oct 8.

Q. Will confirmations be sent out?
A. Yes. Confirmations will be sent out the week following the deadline.

Q. Which computers are eligible to be ordered?
A. Only the computers listed on the Mesquite ISD Apple and Dell order forms are being offered on the Personal Computer Buy Program.

Q. Are there any laptop computers being offered?
A. Yes. There are laptops for both Apple and Dell on the order forms.

Q. What kind of warranty is offered on the computers offered?
A. Apple offers a one-year warranty, and you’ll have the option to purchase a three-year extended warranty. The Dell 5410 Laptop will include a one-year original equipment manufacturer warranty against hardware defects. The Dell 7470 All-In-One Desktop will include a three-year original equipment manufacturer warranty against hardware defects that starts from date of purchase.

Q. What software will be installed on my computer?
A. Only the system software will be installed on your computer. No other software (i.e. Microsoft Office) will be installed.

Q. Can I purchase Microsoft Office software for my personal buy computer?
A. No. Mesquite ISD does not have rights for Microsoft Office, and it is not available on the Personal Computer Buy Program. Home/student/teacher versions may be found at local computer supply retailers.

Q. I am paying for a computer now. What if I want to purchase another computer?
A. If you are paying on a computer through payroll deduction now, you must pay off your initial contract before you can establish a new contract for a new computer. If you are currently paying for a computer and your last payment will be December 2021, you are eligible to place an order.

Q. How long will it take to get my computer?
A. We cannot guarantee a date of delivery. Normal shipping time is about six weeks; however given supply constraints this year, we may encounter delays. Equipment will be disbursed when the majority of the equipment has arrived for everyone.

Q. How will I be notified when my computer is ready to be picked up?
A. Each employee placing an order will be notified through school mail about the procedures for picking up his/her computer. You will be mailed two copies of your contract with instructions to sign one copy of the contract and take it with you to the warehouse when you pick up your computer.

Q. What happens if the computer needs repairing?
A. Employees are responsible for all warranty issues, maintenance and repairs.

If your Apple computer breaks during the one-year warranty period, you will need to contact AppleCare at 800-800-2775 opt 3.

If your Dell breaks during the one-year (laptop) or three-year (all-in-one desktop) warranty period, you will need to transfer ownership of the computer from MISD to you by using the link below:

Technical Support for Dell computers may be contacted via the links below:

Technical Support

Help me solve my problem online:
Top solutions for my new systems:
Download a driver or BIOS:
For faster service, please enter   Express Service Code:

Express Service Code: An Express Service Code is a numeric conversion of a Service Tag.

More about Express Service Codes:
1-866-362-5350 1-877-DELLTTY (3355889)
Basic support contract holders
ProSupport contract holders (24/7)

Mon-Fri 8am to 4:30pm CST
For deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired support

Repairs needed outside the warranty period are the employee’s responsibility. The employee assumes all responsibility for the equipment against damage, theft, and all other insurable risk.

Q. Where do I get technical support?
Employees are responsible for contacting technical support directly from the manufacturer.

Q. Is there tax and interest charged?
A. Employees must pay sales tax on an order; however, there is no interest charged for the 24-month payroll deduction.

Q. How long do I have to pay out my equipment?
A. All equipment placed on payroll deduction will be for 24 months. You may put a down-payment on the equipment at the time you pick it up, or the balance can be paid off at any time. Whatever amount is placed on payroll deduction will be for 24 months. Payments will begin on this order January 2022.

Q. How are deductions made for employees who get paid twice per month?
A. Employees who get paid twice monthly will have their monthly payments divided between the two paychecks per month.

Q. If I want to make a down-payment or pay cash, when must you receive the payment?
A. No pre-payment is necessary. If you plan to pay cash or a down payment toward a computer, indicate the amount on your contract and staple your check to the front of the contract at the time you pick up your equipment. You do not need to make a down-payment or cash payment until you actually pick up your equipment.

Q. When will the payroll deductions begin?
A. Payroll deductions for orders placed during this personal buy offering will begin in January 2022.

Q. Will the district let me return equipment I have ordered and received?
A. Since the computers offered are the district standard, you are allowed to return the equipment within the first six months paying 1/18 of the original cost times the number of months or any fraction of a month plus any cost of necessary repairs and/or replacement. After six months, you have the responsibility to pay any balance through payroll deduction or a lump sum payment should you leave the district for any reason.

Employees returning equipment before the contract is completed will not be eligible to purchase additional equipment.

If you have any further questions about the Personal Computer Buy Program, please feel free to email or call Teri Maxwell at 972-882-5496