Veterans in Our Ranks

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Mesquite ISD is honored to have the following employees who are veterans of the US Armed Forces among our ranks: 

Luther Allen - Transportation
Rodney Bagley - Woolley MS
Elizabeth Baker - MHS
Laveta Beavers - Kimball
Breanne Bell - WMHS
James Birdwell - Energy Management
Erik Brattin - Frasier MS
Chris Brott - Kimbrough MS
Billy Brown - Transportation
Richard Bruner - Facilities Management
Docia Buckner - NMHS
Ernest Burton - JHHS
Laura Caffrey - WMHS
Jerry Calverley - JHHS
Chris Camacho - McDonald MS
Jose Castrejon - JHHS
Kanethia Cathcart - Galloway
Leigh Anne Chapple - Rutherford
Abel Chavez - NMHS
Gary Chenault - Transportation
Will Clark - WMHS
Brandon Coons - PHS
Jason Couch - JHHS
Richard Culpepper - Transportation
Chuck Darnell, Jr. - Service Center
Cynthia DeFreese - McDonald MS
Kizzie Drisdale - Agnew MS
Demia DuPuch - Tisinger
Albert Ervin - McDonald MS
Edward Ewing - Porter
SFC Lee Ferrell - PHS
Robert Felder - Transportation
Matthew G. Frizzell - Wilkinson MS
James Gadsden - LA Berry Support Complex
Rosabrina Gallegos - JHHS
Sammie Geanes - Transportation
Garry Gillard - Transportation
John T. Gowen - JHHS
Melissa Griffin - WMHS
David Gustof - PHS
Russell Hall - NMHS
Gary Harris - LA Berry Support Complex
Thomas Haskins - JHHS
Tracy Hayes - Henrie
Steve Henderson - Tech Services
Bill Hinkley - Austin
Don Hoehn - Cannaday
Andrew House - Agnew MS
Darrell Hubbard - MHS
Robert Hubert - MHS
LaMark Hughes - Seabourn
Adele Jackson - Porter
Bert Jones - Memorial Stadium
Danny Jones - PHS
John Kell - JHHS
John Knight - LA Berry Support Complex
Stacey L. Knowlton - LA Berry Support Complex
Chris Landrum - Kimbrough MS
Jacob Lawler - Beasley
Eddie LeCrone - Facilities Management
Anthony Legnon - Kimbrough MS
Chenell Lewis - Tisinger 
Rocky Lloyd - Black
Carlos Lopez Gudiel - LA Berry Support Complex
Tony Lyons - WMHS
Randy Magee - VHS
Russell Manning - VHS
Isaias Martinez, Jr. - MHS
David McCoy - Transportation
Tracy McDaniel - JHHS
Lester McDonald - Transportation
Ricky McGilvery - VHS
James McGrory - WMHS
Meshanda McKenzie - SSC
Katie McMurren - Black
George Miller - Admin Bldg
Garyle Morgan - Tech Services
Destiny Morris - WMHS
Calvin L. Moses - Facilities Management
Sylvia Newsome - SSC
Tamara Newton - AC New MS
Victor Nixon - NMHS
Sonny Nussbaum - Tech Services
Richard Ocnaschek - JHHS (SRO)
Maxwell Olenski - AC New MS
Jose Ortiz - NMHS
Jose M. Peterson Torres - Berry MS
Timothy Ragsdale - Tech Services
James Ramey - SSC
Luis B. Ramirez - Seabourn
Jess (Jesus) Ramirez - Information Systems
Samantha Rawlinson - Pirrung
Joseph Redrick - Learning Center
Dr. Ángel Rivera - Admin Bldg
Speedy Rosales - Service Center
Carly Rose - VHS
Larry Sanford - Admin Bldg
Steven Scioneaux - LA Berry Support Complex
Jason Shepherd - WMHS
George Skinner - Transportation
Dee-Dee Spivey - Terry MS
Jason St. John - Tech Services
Carolyn A. Suazo - WMHS
Vickie Summerlin - SSC
James Tapley - Transportation
Marcus Tarver - Transportation
Roderick Taylor - JHHS
Fondrae Townsend - Terry MS
Jerry Tramel - Transportation
Nicola Truett - Learning Center
Greg Tubbs - JHHS
Johnny Turner - Tech Services
Adriane Umeloh - Transportation
Aaron Ward - WMHS
Sondra Warren - SSC
Johnny Watson - NMHS

Theodore Wayne - Moss
Nancy Williams-Freeman - MHS
Don Wilson - Transportation
Maj. Tia Winston - PHS
Woody Yates - Information Systems
David Young - Transportation
Doug Zieba - Transportation
Donna Zieba - WMHS

If you know of a Mesquite ISD employee who should be included in this list, please send an email to Laura Jobe at