Watch for Information on Returning Student Enrollment

Families of students who have continued their schooling in Mesquite ISD for the 2014-15 school year will soon have the opportunity to update their students’ enrollment information online. The parents/guardians currently listed as “Contact 1” for students will receive an email with login credentials.  These login credentials can be used to log in to the MISD enrollment site and complete the update process online.

Those parents/guardians currently listed as “Contact 1” for students who do NOT have a valid email on file with the District will receive a letter in the mail with login credentials.

Families are asked to complete the enrollment update process for each child enrolled in Mesquite ISD by December 19.


Whether you are related to a Mesquite ISD student or a resident who lives within the district's boundaries, you will find that Mesquite ISD is part of vibrant, supportive community. A history of successful partnerships between the school district, the City of Mesquite and the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce has resulted in many cooperative programs and efforts that have allowed all these entities to used taxpayer funds more efficiently and for the benefits of residents.