Leadership & Empowerment Team

In the summer of 2020, a group of Mesquite ISD staff members formed the Leadership and Empowerment Team (LET) in an attempt to “remove any cultural-, gender- and race-related obstacles to ensure MISD students become the leaders they want to be.” The committee was formed after district leaders had conversations with students when the death of George Floyd in Minneaopolis sparked nationwide protests against racism and police brutality. Led by Dr. LaDonna Gulley, director of leadership and empowerment, LET includes staff, students, recent alumni, representatives from the community and Mesquite ISD trustees who agreed upon the following elements of purpose and desired outcomes for their work.


  • To promote inclusion, justice, and equity in our school district.
  • To collaborate and identify initiatives that best support students.
  • To develop student leadership skills in overcoming obstacles.
  • To analyze student data in order to recommend school and/or community interventions.
  • To work with the district to engage community voices.

Desired Outcomes:

  • To promote equity within the leadership pipeline of the district.
  • To communicate and promote the policies and positive work being done by the district around the issues of equity, diversity, bias, and inclusion. 
  • To provide learning opportunities for campus leaders and teachers around the issues of equity, diversity, bias, and inclusion.
  • To cultivate campuses that ensure inclusion, justice, and equity and provide avenues for our students' voices to be heard 
  • To provide classroom opportunities for students to gain an understanding of social leadership and self-advocacy.

Mesquite ISD's curriculum does not promote or support any political agenda or viewpoint. At the high school level, students may choose to explore diverse leadership perspectives through a multi-year leadership program called "Emerging Leaders." This unique pathway is currently in development as part of the LET initiative.


LET Focus Areas

LET's Talk Podcast

The LET's talk Podcast: New Episodes Released Every Tuesday

The new podcast, “LET’s Talk,” will give Leadership and Empowerment Team members and district leaders a venue to dig into topics of racial and gender equality as well as what the district is doing to address related issues. Each week you will hear first-hand how MISD works daily to provide equitable learning environments for all. After all, LET's goal is to ensure students are on equal playing fields to propel them into the leaders they want to be.

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