Mask Update Aug. 17

A new court ruling that impacts the entire state of Texas has been issued in Travis County (Cause No. D-1-GN-21-003792). Under this new ruling, the Governor's order GA-38 (disallowing mask mandates) is suspended and not enforceable against school districts. If there is a local order in place – such as the recently reissued amended order issued by County Judge Clay Jenkins – that local order will apply. Effective today, Aug. 17, masks will be required for students, staff and visitors in all Mesquite ISD schools and facilities. All campuses and facilities have masks available for anyone who may have been unprepared for this abrupt change.

Very likely, this highly politicized issue will continue to evolve, but Mesquite ISD will not engage in politics during this process. Our goal is to educate our students in a safe manner while following the law in consultation with our attorney. We understand this situation is frustrating for students, parents and staff members. It is frustrating for district leadership, as well. We ask for your continued flexibility and patience as we navigate this challenging environment.