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Mesquite Educational Paraprofessional Association

Constitution and Bylaws

(Revised Winter 2018)


The name of the association shall be the Mesquite Educational Paraprofessional Association (MEPA).



The purpose of the organization shall be to provide a meaningful and relevant support staff development plan which addresses and promotes the growth and self-improvement of all support staff employees so that individuals’ professionalism is realized in a cohesive work environment through progressive understanding of the support staff’s role and relationship between the students, district, and community.



Section 1. This Association shall be non-profit, non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

Section 2. This Association shall not engage in political activities nor shall it endorse candidates for office.

Section 3. This Association shall cooperate with school authorities and at no time shall it attempt to interfere with school administration.

Section 4. The members of the Mesquite Educational Paraprofessional Association shall not use the name of the Association to further their own commercial or political ends.

Section 5. No officer shall be empowered to act singly to obligate or encumber this Association.



Section 1. Membership in the Mesquite Educational Paraprofessional Association shall be two classes: Active (full time and part time) and Honorary.

Section 2. A person may be elected to honorary membership by vote of the Association at any regular meeting on nomination by the executive board. Honorary members shall be entitled to all privileges of active members with the exception of voting and holding office, but shall be exempt from paying dues. Retired members shall automatically become honorary members.

Section 3. Active members in good standing (local dues paid) shall be entitled to vote, to hold office and to participate in discussions at all meetings of the Association.

Section 4. The annual dues of each member shall be eight dollars ($8.00) and payable to MEPA. The membership dues shall be sent to the 2nd vice president of membership. Enrollment period for open membership will be the first day of school through October 31. After October 31, only employees new to the district may apply for membership.

Section 5. The fiscal year and membership year of the Association shall be defined as May 1 through April 30.



Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be president, president-elect, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian and parliamentarian, all of whom shall be active members in good standing. They shall assume office May 1.

Section 2. Nomination for officers shall be compiled by a nominating committee which consists of the president, president-elect, and four volunteer members who will not be on the ballot. The nominating committee shall be introduced and voted on at the third meeting of the school year. Nomination forms will be emailed to the liaisons and forwarded on to members within two weeks of that meeting and will be due two weeks from the date they are sent out. Nomination forms shall be printed out, marked with nominations, sealed, and then sent to the MEPA mailbox, attention: Nominating Chairman, through interschool mail. Nomination entries will be added to an electronic ballot with permission of the nominee. Officer positions that are unopposed will not show on the ballot. The week following the election, the president-elect, nominating committee and the webmaster will meet and review the votes. Results will be communicated to membership through email and MEPA website the following day. The nominating committee shall remain intact until May 1.

Section 3.     The officers shall have the following qualifications:

  • shall have been an active member for one year
  • shall be a member of the local Association and Texas Educational Support-Staff Association (TESA) or expressed willingness to become such                      
  • the president shall have had at least two years of service on the executive board, the third year can be as president



Section 1.   The president shall:

  • preside at all meetings of the Association and of the executive board
  • call special meetings
  • serve as an ex officio member on the nominating committe
  • shall be a member of NAEOP

Section 2.   The president-elect shall:   

  • serve as administrative assistant to the president
  • perform such duties as the president may assign
  • preside in the absence of the president
  • be a member of the budget & finance committee
  • appoint chairpersons of all committees (except the nominating committee) for upcoming presidential year with the approval of the executive board 

Section 3.   The first vice president (programs) shall:

  • serve as chairperson of the program committee
  • work closely with the staff development department
  • preside in the absence of the president and president-elect

Section 4.   The second vice president (membership) shall:

  • serve as chairperson of the membership committee
  • assign and coordinate site liaisons
  • shall issue membership cards to all MEPA members by November 30

Section 5.   The secretary shall:

  • record the minutes of all meetings of Association and of the executive board
  • keep the approved copy of the bylaws and all amendments to the bylaws in the back of the secretary’s permanent record book
  • conduct all correspondence relating to the general work of the Association, read all communication of interest at the meetings
  • mail a list of officers and committee chairpersons to the state magazine, TESA Connection, as soon as possible after election

Section 6.   The treasurer shall:

  • shall have two years of service on the executive board and be a member in good standing
  • receive all funds paid to the Association and deposit them in the name of the Association in such depository as shall be designated by the executive board
  • make disbursements as may be necessary at the direction of the executive board
  • present a financial statement at each regular meeting
  • provide books for audit as requested by the executive board
  • be a member of the budget and finance committee
  • post transactions on MEPA approved accounting software

Section 7.   The historian shall:

  • collect and preserve all documents relating to the history of the Association
  • present a report at the last meeting

Section 8.   The parliamentarian shall:

  • be the immediate past president
  • advise the president, the executive board and the membership upon parliamentary points
  • attend all meetings of the executive board and the Association



Section 1. This Association shall have four meetings annually. At the last meeting, annual reports shall be presented and the newly elected officers installed.

Section 2. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the president or the executive board, five days notice having been given.

Section 3. Ten percent of the members of this Association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



Section 1. The executive board shall consist of the president, president-elect, first vice president, second vice resident, secretary, treasurer, historian, and parliamentarian.

Section 2. The executive board meetings shall be called by the president or a majority of the members of the executive board.

Section 3. The executive board meetings shall transact all business referred to it by the Association and shall act in emergencies between meetings of the Association, a majority being present.

Section 4. The executive board shall approve such standing committees created by the president as may be found necessary to carry on the work of the Association.

Section 5. The executive board shall meet, with a majority present, to fill any vacancy occurring among the officers until the next regular election.

Section 6. The executive board shall appoint an auditing committee to audit the treasurer's books prior to the end of the fiscal year.



Section 1. All committee members shall be a member of MEPA.

Section 2.   The standing committees of the Association shall be:

  • Programs
  • Membership
  • Hospitality

Committees appointed by bylaws are:

  • Budget & Finance
  • Scholarship

Committees appointed by president and president-elect:

  •  Publicity/Newsletter
  • Professional Growth
  • Webmaster

Section 3.   The first vice president shall be chairperson of the program committee. This committee shall:

  • prepare and present a suitable program at each function
  • secure site locations for all MEPA functions

Section 4.   The second vice president shall be chairperson of the membership committee. This committee shall:

  • secure new members and renew memberships
  • assign and coordinate site liaisons
  • provide membership list and a site liaison list to publicity and yearbook committees

Section 5.   The president-elect and the budget and finance chairperson shall co-chair the budget and finance committee. They along with their committee shall:

  • prepare a yearly budget to be presented for adoption at the first meeting of the school year
  • plan and coordinate any scholarship fundraiser or other moneymaking projects approved by the executive board and adopted by the Association
  • the president, president-elect, and treasurer shall serve on this committee

Section 6.   The hospitality chairperson and his/her committee shall:

  • be responsible for setting up for MEPA meetings, including but not limited to sign-in tables, name tags, coordinating refreshments as needed for district MEPA meetings and other duties as needed for specific meetings.
  • plan and coordinate the annual installation meeting including notifying retired MEPA members and mailing out invitations to our annual installation meeting to retired members
  • be responsible for refreshments at all functions of the Association
    delegate responsibilities, as necessary, in preparation for all functions of the Association
  • plan and coordinate annual installation meeting

Section 7.   The publicity chairperson and his/her committee shall:

  • be responsible for publicity in the local newspaper
  • send reports of meetings and activities to the state magazine, The TESA Connection
  • be responsible for a newsletter four (4) times during the school year including notices of MEPA meetings and functions
  • submit the MEPA newsletter to TESA for newsletter of the year award

Section 8.   The altruism chairperson and his/her committee shall:

  • be responsible for remembrances to the members at times of illness and death

Section 9.   The professional growth chairperson shall:

  • view and keep the Association informed of the PSP and STEM opportunities presented through the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) and Texas Educational Support-Staff Association (TESA)
  • assist MEPA members in obtaining their PSP
  • help set up classes in order to promote professional growth, working with the program chair and staff development department
  • keep members informed of relevant legislative issues
  • submit articles to publicity committee regarding STEM opportunities and PSP deadlines

Section 10.   The scholarship selection committee shall consist of the scholarship chairperson, president, president-elect, high school principals' secretaries and secretary for Mesquite Academy. This committee shall coordinate the MEPA scholarship selection process according to MEPA guidelines.

Section 11.   The webmaster shall be responsible for keeping the website current with up-to-date news and information.



This Association may be represented at workshops and conventions by a delegate or delegates who shall be selected according to the budget allotment.



These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by a vote of two-thirds of the active members present, provided that the proposed amendments shall have been submitted in writing at least ten days prior to the meeting.



Be it resolved:

1.  That this Association shall affiliate yearly with the Texas Educational Support-Staff Association (TESA) and the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP).

2.  This Association shall contribute annually to the Lorene Roby Rogers Scholarship Fund.

3.  Eight newly elected officers are eligible to attend the district funded TESA Summer Work Conference. This Association will pay the registration of one MEPA member to the TESA Summer Work Conference, if funding is available. Alternates will be selected at the last meeting by means of a drawing of TESA membership cards. The district will also pay the registration for the board to attend the TESA Fall Work Conference, if funding is available.

4.  Flowers will be sent (according to information received from site liaisons) to

a.  members who become ill and are hospitalized for two (2) or more days
b.  funeral in death of member
c.  member on death of immediate family member (including spouse, child or member's parents).

Cards will be sent to all others. 

5.   Site liaisons responsibilities:

a. report new employees to membership chairperson
b. report new information and news items to publicity chairperson
c. report any illness or death to the altruism chairperson
d. distribute newsletters and/or Association notices to employees at their site location

6.     The bank signature cards for Mesquite Educational Paraprofessional Association's checking and savings accounts shall consist of the current year president, president-elect, and treasurer with any check written for $300 to have two signatures.