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Adoption of Rules for Alternative Graduation Requirements for Students Who Entered Grade Nine Prior to 2011-2012

SB 463 was passed during the 85th Texas Legislature (2017) and required the commissioner of education to establish criteria to allow individuals who entered high school prior to the 2011-2012 school year and who successfully completed all the curriculum requirements for graduation, but who did not perform successfully on the required state assessment (TAKS) after at least three attempts to qualify for graduation. The new rules establish which individuals may be eligible to graduate and receive a high school diploma by meeting certain alternative requirements.

Who is eligible to graduate under this alternative plan?

A school district or open-enrollment charter school may award a high school diploma to an individual who meets all of the following:

  • Entered grade 9 before the 2011–2012 school year
  • Completed the curriculum requirements for high school graduation applicable at the time the individual entered grade 9
  • Has not performed satisfactorily on a required assessment
  • Has been administered the required assessment or an approved alternate assessment at least three times

What are the alternative requirements for graduation?

A student may meet the alternative requirements for graduation through any of the following:

  • Meeting the performance standard on an alternate assessment as specified in TAC §101.4003
  • Performing satisfactorily on the subject-area test of a state-approved high school equivalency examination in accordance with TAC §89.43(a)(4)
  • Attainment of a TEA-approved industry-recognized postsecondary license or certification
  • Active-duty service in the armed forces or an honorable or general discharge from the armed forces
  • Successful completion of college-level coursework resulting in college credit
  • Additional alternative requirements developed by the district and approve by the school district board of trustees

The provisions for alternative graduation requirements will expire on September 1, 2023. 

If you believe you may qualify for graduation under this criteria, please contact your high school.

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