College & Career Planning

Are you interested in college but not sure where to start?

What are your interests?  What career is the best fit for you?  Use your MISD login to visit the Career Cruising website.  This is a free resource for all MISD students. 

Career Cruising

Additionally, MISD Library Services offers students access to two different online resources in the MISD portal where students can explore many careers and take a survey to help them determine their best fit. 

Library Career & Testing folder
Ferguson's Career Center
EBSCO Learning Express Library

In the MISD Online Portal, look for the Library: Career & Testing folder. Then choose either the InfoBase Ferguson's Career Center or EBSCO Learning Express Library.


Getting Started and Research

Parents, junior and senior year can be difficult to navigate while balancing schoolwork, extracurricular obligations and the college application process.  Print these checklists to help you stay organized and involved in each step of the process.

11th Grade Family Action Plan

12th Grade Family Action Plan 

Need a plan?

If you feel lost in the process of planning for the future, reach out to the counselor on your campus.  Whether it is a certification program, trade school, junior college or a university they can help you navigate this difficult process.They are available to help  develop a plan for the future that fits the needs of the student and their family.  Contact your counselor today! 


Watch this short video created by Harlingen CISD to learn more about college and career readiness.  You can learn more about terminology and resources regarding: GPA & Class Rank, ACT/PSAT/SAT, Dual Enrollment, Financial Aid and 2 year, 4 Year Degrees.