Suicide Prevention

If at any time you are worried about a student and it is outside of the normal operating hours of the school, local non-emergency numbers can be used to request a welfare check. 

Mesquite Police Non-emergency # - 972-285-6336
Balch Springs Police Non-emergency # - 972-557-6000

Dallas Police Non-emergency # - 214-744-4444
ADAPT Mobile Crisis Unit # - (866) 260-8000

Police Welfare Check


Family members and friends sometimes become worried about the well-being of someone. They get concerned after an individual is not heard from or seen for a period of time OR has made comments, sent messages or posted concerning content on social media.


A police welfare check occurs when a report is made to law enforcement about an individual who may be in some sort of danger, usually in that person's residence.


Through a police welfare check, law enforcement goes to the person's residence, sometimes along with the person who made the report. Law enforcement officers attempt to make contact with the individual to determine if they are safe.


A police welfare check is an important law enforcement function because it allows for professional intervention if an individual is in distress or need of assistance because of a health condition, injury or some other situation.

REMEMBER:  Anytime you believe that a situation is an emergency, call 9-1-1.

*Adapted from the Legal Beagle website