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If you are expecting a baby, there are several deadlines and requirements you must keep in mind:

Preparing for a Life-Changing Journey

Women's and Family Health Pregnancy and Parenting Support

Whether you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, TRS-ActiveCare offers the right tools and resources to guide you on your journey into parenthood.

Ovia Health™ apps are for tracking your cycle, pregnancy and baby's growth. The apps are available in English and Spanish,* and provide videos, tips, coaching and more.

  • Ovia Fertility: Track your cycle and predict when you are more likely to get pregnant.
  • Ovia pregnancy: Monitor your pregnancy and baby's growth week by week leading up to your baby's due date.
  • Ovia parenting: Keep up with your child's growth and milestones from birth through three years old.

Well onTarget® offers digital self-management programs to support healthy pregnancies through every stage. Access these programs by going to and begin logging in to your Blue Access for Members portal. Click on the Well onTarget link on the left side of the homepage, under "quick links" and clink "menu" in the upper left corner. Select "self-management programs" and choose one of the five available "Nurturing Your Healthy Pregnancy" courses.

Plus, if your pregnancy is high-risk, BCBSTX will provide support from maternity specialists to help you care for yourself and your baby. Having a baby changes everything, so use these resources to help you get ready

Please call Personal Health Guide at 1-866-355-5999 if you have questions or want to learn more.

Adding a Baby to your Insurance Coverage

After the baby is born, you have 31 days from the date of birth to add the baby to your insurance. A phone call, telephone message or email is NOT a form of enrollment.

To enroll, you must complete paperwork in the Benefits Office and provide the following:  

  • Verification of Birth Facts—You usually receive this from the hospital upon discharge.
  • Social Security Number—If not available at the time of enrollment, just call the Benefits Office as soon as you receive it. (Do not delay enrollment waiting on the SS#.)

Disability Insurance

If you have short term disability (STD), report a claim as soon as possible after the baby is born or after you are unable to work for any other reason. To file a claim by telephone, contact The Standard's Claim Intake Service Center at 800-352-0963. Note: the Mesquite ISD Group Policy number is 759085. Disability insurance can help supplement your income while you’re off work.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

If you carry hospital indemnity insurance, you may file a paper claim or online claim.  Information is available on staff forms page ( click on Benefits Forms & Instructions > Claim Forms & Instructions.) You will want to file your claim as soon as possible after an in-patient hospitalization or confinement (hospital stay).

Maternity/Paternity Leave

If you are a para-professional or professional employee, you will need to complete a leave request on Eduphoria within five days of needing tenure and follow the Eduphoria instructions. If you are not a para-professional or professional employee, please contact your supervisor for leave requirements.
Note: Maternity/Paternity leave is NOT a paid leave unless you have accrued days.

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