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The Mesquite ISD Board of Trustees has called a Voter Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE) this fall. The measure will appear as Proposition A on the ballot. The district is asking voters to approve a 3-cent increase to the maintenance and operations portion of the school district’s tax rate in order to maximize available state funding. If approved, the increase would result in $16.4 million in additional funds for MISD schools each year, while keeping the overall school tax rate lower than last year’s rate. 

Mesquite ISD's most significant areas of need include teacher salaries, safety and security, and academic programs.

Impact to Salaries

The nation is experiencing a severe teacher shortage, and Mesquite ISD’s starting teacher salary is lower than the starting salary offered by several other school districts in our area. The additional revenue raised by approval of the VATRE will allow MISD to increase compensation for all MISD staff members, including teachers, paraprofessionals (classroom aides, administrative assistants) and auxiliary personnel (maintenance workers, food services, staff, bus drivers, etc.). With additional revenue generated by the VATRE, the district can increase salaries to be more competitive in a very challenging employment market that is affecting hiring for all positions.


Impact to Safety & Security

Additional funding will allow the district to upgrade its safety and security measures with improvements that include better door-access controls, more security personnel, and enhanced technology, such as state-of-the-art surveillance systems.


Impact to Academic Programs

The district also plans to use the additional funding to expand innovative academic programs districtwide, providing more choices and opportunities for our students as they prepare for life after graduation. We plan to spend these additional dollars on programs that support college and career readiness and provide unique learning experiences.