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PE Dress Code

Tennis shoes must be worn for PE at all times. Acceptable shoes may be lace up or Velcro, be well-fitting, and non-marking. If the shoe comes off during activity, that is not deemed “well-fitting.”  Dress shoes and boots (Ugg style, hiking, cowboy boots, work boots, Doc Martens, Timberlands) should be avoided. Crocs, slippers, lounge-type shoes, water shoes, or foam bottom shoes (Hey Dudes) are not acceptable for PE. Dress shoes/boots, or anything with a raised heel should not be worn to PE. Students should NOT wear shoes to PE where “creasing” is a concern, as this causes the student to withdraw from activity or alter their natural movements which can cause chronic injury.

  • Heel and toe must be completely covered
  • No boots of any kind. This includes:
    • Ugg style
    • Hiking
    • Cowboy boots
    • Doc Martens style
    • Timberland style
  • No house shoes/slippers/lounge-wear style
  • No sandals or flip-flops
  • No Crocs of any kind
  • No Hey Dudes or other “foam rubber bottom” style
  • Velcro or tie-on are both acceptable
  • No water shoes
  • Toms/Bobs style shoes not acceptable
  • Nothing with a raised heel
  • Slip on tennis shoes acceptable IF they are well-fitting and do not come off during activity
  • Shoes where “creasing” is a concern should NOT be worn to PE