Administrative Services | Student Services

Administrative Services oversees the following Students Services areas:

  • Attendance & Truancy
  • Cheer & Drill
  • Counseling Services
  • Discipline
  • Elections
  • Enrollment
  • Food Services
  • Graduation
  • Health Services
  • Information Systems
  • Legal Compliance
  • Policy & Regulations
  • Pregnancy-Related Services
  • Safety & Security
  • Section 504
  • Student Handbook & Code of Conduct
  • Summer School
  • Textbooks
  • Transfers
  • Transportation Services

Topics And Concerns Overseen by Administrative Services

Student Discipline And Appeals Process

The goal of student discipline is to collaboratively work with the student, parents, and school staff to determine the root causes of unacceptable behavior and to devise a plan to change the behavior to help the student become successful.

Campus-level discipline decisions (detentions, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension) may be appealed to the principal and no further.  Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP) placements may be appealed in accordance with Board policy: downloadable policy form below.

Students' Rights And Responsibilities

Bus Guidelines And Rider Eligibility

View this downloadable/printable form.

Bus Guidelines & Rider Eligibility



New Student And Returning Enrollment

Mesquite ISD welcomes families new to our District. For grades K-12, the enrollment process begins by completing online enrollment. After being prompted to request a Skyward account, parents will receive an email with login information. The following internet browsers translate online enrollment into other languages: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. 

Click HERE to begin online enrollment for new students.  

What to Bring

Parents and guardians are required to prove two things: (1) that they have a legal right to enroll the student (parent’s name is on birth certificate or documents showing lawful control of the student under order of the court) and (2) that they are permanent residents of Mesquite ISD. The following documents are required:

  • Parent/guardian’s photo ID
  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Students social security card
  • Student’s immunization record
  • Records from prior school
  • Proof of residency (see below)

Proof of Residency Documents

Group A (1 doc from this group)

Group B (1 document from this group)

Income tax return

Driver’s license

State ID Social security letter/check

Voter registration card

Food stamps

Utility bill (electric or gas, no cell phone)

Mortgage or deed

Lease agreement with landlord contact

Closing statement on home

The District may investigate residency as necessary (including home visits) to verify the student currently resides in the District with the intention to remain.

Safety And Security


Any student who believes that he or she has experienced prohibited harassment or bullying should immediately report the alleged acts to a teacher, counselor, principal, or District employee.  MISD does not allow the mistreatment of students and staff per Board policy FFI(LOCAL). BETH: I LINKED TO ONLINE POLICY HERE.

Emergency Procedures

The District has comprehensive emergency procedures to provide campus administrators with guidance during emergencies and critical incidents. MISD has adopted the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) for use during emergencies, which includes four emergency actions: Lockdown, Lockout, Evacuate, and Shelter. 

The District has also adopted the Standard Reunification Model (SRM) for use in reunifying parents and students during or following an incident.  It is very important that parents do not respond to the affected campus in a manner that interferes with or impedes the management of the incident by police, fire, EMS, and campus staff.

Students and campus staff members receive training on the SRP each school year.  Each campus also conducts emergency drills each semester, as well as monthly fire drills, to reinforce emergency preparedness.

Click on the button to view and download MISD's Standard Response Protocol 

Click on the button to view and download MISD's Standard Reunification Method  

Anonymous Tip Line

The District maintains a tip line to allow parents, students, and community members to report concerns affecting MISD campuses.  This includes bullying, drugs & alcohol, fighting, personal crisis, safety risk, threat, and weapons.

It is important to provide as many details as possible, so that the tip may be investigated appropriately.  While it is possible to remain anonymous, it is often helpful if MISD can contact the reporter for additional information.

IMPORTANT: If the situation is an emergency, or if students or staff may be in imminent danger, call 9-1-1 immediately.  While all tips are monitored by District and campus administrators, the tip line is not monitored 24 hours a day and is not a substitute for contacting local law enforcement or Child Protective Services.

P3 Anonymous Tip Line

Student Transfer Request

On a very limited basis, Mesquite Independent School District allows students to transfer from one school to another. Victims of certain offenses defined by state law are given top priority and require legal documentation. A parent may request a transfer for his or her child to a school outside the attendance zone of the resident as long as the parent is a resident of the District. The Student Transfer Application for District Parents must be submitted to Administrative Services between the dates of March 15 and May 15, 2019.

Administrative Services Department will select the campus to which the student may be transferred and shall consider compelling hardship to the student or family, availability of space and instructional staff at both the school and within the feeder pattern, and the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records. Notice to parents regarding denial or approval will be given by July 15 for the following year.

Transfer request must be submitted and approved annually. The district will not provide transportation for transfer students.

Please complete and submit the transfer request form by clicking on this link: 

Student Transfer Request