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#MadeToExcel in Mesquite ISD

September 2021

Austin Elementary’s fourth grade student Cash Cochran loves to do math homework, play basketball and video games. But now--instead of simply getting past the defense or fighting villains--he is now fighting the biggest battle any kid can face. 

On September 13, Cash went to a doctor's appointment. His mother, Ashly Cochran, who’s also the principal at Woolley Middle School, thought he was suffering from severe allergies and stomach aches. Unfortunately, the 9-year-old student of Mesquite ISD was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). 

Even though these are difficult times for the Cochran family, Cash has managed to keep a smile on his face. Ms. Cochran tells us, “Some days are more difficult than others, but Cash is responding well to treatment although he is upset he is missing out on school.” 

The Mesquite ISD community is rallying behind the Cochran family. Today, Thursday, Sept. 23, MISD staff and students across the district are wearing orange, the color that represents Childhood Cancer Awareness in September. Ms. Cochran says, “My husband and I appreciate the community's support. That is what is helping us get through this difficult time.” 

Although Cash is missing school, he sees his classmates every day. His fourth grade class sends him a daily joke by video in hopes of bringing a smile to his face. Even though he will not return to campus this year, he sends his friends a message saying, “I am doing well and cannot wait to see you all again!” Cash is eager to return to school and continue training hard to accomplish his dream of becoming an NBA player. 

Go Cash go! 

Cash Cochran is Made to Excel

September 2021

At just 6 years old, Range Elementary 1st grader Iris Perez has left her parents and teachers wonderstruck after learning nine languages. Perez, who is Cuban-American, grew up speaking Spanish in her home. Once she enrolled in the Mesquite ISD pre-K 3 program, she immediately became fluent in English. Three years later, and thanks to the power of the internet, she now speaks French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and American Sign Language. 

Perez is not keeping her language prowess to herself. Besides learning new languages, she also likes to share her expertise with her family members. Her mother, Eris Morrondo, migrated from Cuba 13 years ago without knowing a single word in English. Thanks to Perez, she is now learning to master that language. 

“My mom asks me about the phrases and what they mean and then I tell her. Sometimes it’s hard, but I repeat it until she gets the hang of it,” said Perez. 

Proud of her daughter's accomplishments, Morrondo says she is glad she enrolled her daughter in school at a young age and says, “I am going to do everything I can for her to become successful--everything I couldn’t accomplish as an immigrant she will accomplish.”

Although she is still in first grade, Perez has many plans for the future. She plans to learn more languages so she can travel the world and communicate with people in other countries. She also hopes to become an astronaut and travel to space or become a first grade teacher and inspire other students to discover their talents. 

Iris Perez is Made to Excel

August 2021

Mesquite High School sophomore Diego Barron has become a top prospect in boxing after joining Team USA as the number one champion in the nation. Last spring, the Junior Olympic Boxer earned his spot at the top of the list in the 110-pound junior division. Diego’s hard work is not going unnoticed. He recently received a an honorary proclamation voted and approved by the Texas House of Representatives and signed by Texas State Representative Victoria Neave for his boxing achievements. 

Boxing trainer Jesse Vasquez is confident Barron will one day make it to the big stage saying, “he has what it takes to maybe get to that spot where some of the top Mexican Hispanic Americans have been.” The Mesquite boxing champion will also represent the Skeeters this year after trying out and making the Mesquite High School Cross Country Varsity team. Diego says he “will continue to work hard and strive for greatness keeping God, family and school first.”

Diego Barron is Made to Excel