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In 2020, Mesquite ISD introduced "AYO," the first-of-its-kind partnership between Mesquite ISD and technology powerhouses Google and SoftServe. Created to help us better prepare students for a happy and successful life, this initiative helps us move from standardized education to one based on an individual's strengths and interests to inspire and enhance each student’s story like never before.

Named for an African word meaning “great joy,” AYO’s goal is to bring more joy to our students through all chapters of their lives--in school, in their future career, and in their personal lives.

AYO will help us customize each student's Pre-K to 12 educational experience by discovering their natural talents or skills and their individual interests. How? AYO uses technology instead of test scores to better understand a student’s capacities, strengths and weaknesses and to identify unique qualities and passions. AYO will help us better identify, develop, excite and engage each student for optimal character development, personal satisfaction and success. AYO’s online platform and future app will provide insights required for MISD educators to coach students through their distinctive paths.

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