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Social Media

Social media is a great way for our district, campuses and programs to facilitate connection, provide relevant information and celebrate the excellence of our students and staff. 

Every campus in Mesquite ISD maintains a Facebook page and many of our secondary schools, sports and programs will also be found on Instagram or X (formerly Twitter). These campus accounts are maintained and monitored by members of the campus or program staff. The MISD Communication Department maintains district accounts on X, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Nextdoor

We believe that we all share a responsibility to curate a safe and respectful online community. We always welcome your feedback and the opportunity to learn and improve. We encourage you to engage with our posts and welcome your comments. We simply ask that you adhere to the following community guidelines:

  • Everyone belongs in Mesquite ISD, so be kind and respectful.
  • Remember that young people are watching us and setting a positive example makes a difference. 

  • If you are upset about something or have questions you need answered, we encourage you to reach out directly to the appropriate person who can address your concerns. 

In addition to these community guidelines, you will find our social media terms of use outlined below.

Thank you for partnering with us to create a positive social media experience in our community.

Terms of Use


Citizens and members of the media are asked to submit requests for information through established channels rather than post requests as comments on district or campus social media pages. Requests for documentation left as comments will not be processed. Public information requests pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act may be made by following the instructions found here.

The district neither endorses nor condones advertising messages that appear on social media feeds or pages. Neither Mesquite ISD nor the district’s social media managers have any control over such advertisements.


The page administrators reserve the right to remove comments that violate district policies or do not adhere to the following guidelines. Content is designed to be appropriate for all users, regardless of age. Comments left on the page should follow the same guideline. The terms of usage may be updated at any time without prior notice. Comments are solely the opinions of the users who post them. The district takes no responsibility for misinformation included in user comments. Comments are welcome and encouraged. However, comments may be removed if they:

  • Do not pertain to the topic of a specific posting made by the page administrator.

  • Identify individual students or staff in defamatory, abusive or negative terms.

  • Contain abusive or inappropriate language or statements. Remarks that are racist, homophobic, vulgar, sexist, otherwise discriminatory, or attempt to incite others to engage in inappropriate or illegal activity are not permitted. Statements that are likely to offend or provoke others are also not allowed. Staff and students posting to the page must adhere to the district’s policies and guidelines on the appropriate standards of conduct.

  • Do not consider others’ right to privacy. The District is charged with protecting the privacy and rights of its students and staff. • Violate any Mesquite ISD policy.

  • Violate U.S. fair use or copyright laws.

  • Promote or advertise a service or product.

  • Contain links to other websites that violate these terms of use.

  • Contain political information, positive or negative, including information regarding Board of Trustees elections.

If you have a comment or would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, please send an e-mail to: