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School Health Advisory Council

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SHAC Meetings

SHAC - What is it?

Mesquite ISD believes that a healthy, physically active child is more likely to be academically successful. Results of numerous studies on the academics-fitness link found a consistent positive relationship between overall fitness and academic achievement. The Mesquite ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is an advocate for healthy students. It makes recommendations to the School Board pertaining to coordinated school health programs, human sexuality materials and instruction based on the values of the Mesquite community. By law, the majority of its members are parents of students who are not employed by the district. The Mesquite ISD SHAC consists of parents, students, community members and staff who work together to improve the health of all students.

All Texas school districts are required to have a Coordinated School Health program in place for grades K-8. The SHAC has adopted the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) program for grades K-8.

“Health and education go hand in hand: one cannot exist without the other. To believe any differently is to hamper progress. Just as our children have a right to receive the best education available, they have a right to be healthy. As parents, legislators, and educators, it is up to us to see that this becomes a reality.”    - Former Surgeon General Dr. Antonia Novello

SHAC Meetings

The MISD SHAC meets at least four times and no more than nine times each year. Meetings are typically held in the board room of the Professional Development Center at 3819 Towne Crossing Blvd. All SHAC meetings are open to the public. If you wish to speak at a SHAC meeting or review meeting minutes, please contact Council Co-Chair Wendi Hatley at 972-882-7413 or

2022-23 SHAC Members

Jim Allen - Kimbrough MS and Poteet HS Parent
Eleazar Esparza - Hodges and AC New Middle School Parent
Amy Gayler - Poteet High School Parent
Donna Hammar - North Mesquite HS Parent
John Hunt - Gray Elementary, AC New MS & Vanguard HS Parent
Craig Johnson - Kimbrough MS and Poteet HS Parent
Alejandra Krone - John Horn High School Parent
Douglas LaVergne - Gray and Mackey Elementary Parent
Kristy McCaleb - Price and Poteet High School Parent
Joe Paris - Austin Elementary Parent
Steadman Ridley - Woolley MS Parent
Laura  Sherrard -  Co-Chair and Black Elementary Parent
Sabrina Welden - Gray Elementary Parent
Lynn Barrer - Community Member
Karen Dyer - Community Member
Lesly Calixto - Vanguard HS Student
Favor  Onyekwere - John Horn High School Student
Lindsey Arthur - Food and Nutrition Services
Devin Bright - Assistant Principal, Smith Elementary
Matt Cain - Coordinator, Science
Masey Dossey - Director, Health Services
Leigh Farley - Coordinator, Career and Technology
Kellie  Haddock - PTA Council
Wendi Hatley - Coordinator, Physical Education/Health
Tara Nichols - Director, Teaching and Learning

Possession or Use of Tobacco

Per the MISD Student Code of Conduct, students shall not possess or use tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes. They shall also not possess or use matches or a lighter.

Vending Machine Access

Mesquite ISD complies with the guidelines set forth in the Smart Snacks and Texas Department of Agriculture guidelines concerning student access to vending machines and food and drink dispensed from vending machines.