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Requesting an Interpreter Outside of School

Requesting an interpreter can feel overwhelming. We hope this guide will help you understand your rights, and provide you some tools for getting communication access for your child outside of school.

How Do I Request an Interpreter?

  1. Just ask! First, schedule an appointment as normal. After the appointment has been confirmed/scheduled in writing, then let them know that your child is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and uses sign language to communicate. “We would like to request a sign language interpreter for our scheduled appointment on X date at X time.” This will help to increase the likelihood of the provider scheduling interpreting services.

  2. Let them know it is THEIR responsibility to hire the interpreter. It could be that this office has never hired an interpreter for a patient before, so they may be unsure of the process. It is still your child’s right to have one! If they aren’t sure where to start, offer them the contact information of a local interpreting agency and the agency will help them schedule the interpreter. **RARE exceptions include undue burden, religious organizations, and private clubs- not the same as private practice. It’s always worth asking!

  3. Ask for confirmation. “Would you mind giving us a call back or an email to confirm when the interpreter has been scheduled?” This will keep them accountable, and also help you feel confident that your child understands everything about their appointment, clearly, when the day of the appointment arrives. Call to confirm a few days before the appointment, and if possible, get the confirmation via text or email that an interpreter has officially been scheduled. Having communication in writing keeps providers accountable!


**This page is provided as a resource to Mesquite ISD RDSPD students and their families. The agencies listed in this document include but are not limited to some of the services utilized by the MISD RDSPD. Please note that there are many reputable ASL interpreting agencies in the DFW area, and these are just a few of the options that are available to you and your student. For more options and information, please search online for ASL interpreting agencies who use BEI and/or RID certified interpreters in your area.**